About 21st Century Products, Inc

GERMBLOCK were created to provide young children with a safe, educational activity that would provide hours of fun and social play. GERMBLOCK is a division of 21st Century Products, Inc., a plastic blow-molding manufacturer. 21st Century Products, Inc is the nation’s largest manufacturer of ballpool balls. For over 16 years, 21st Century Products, Inc has developed innovations in ballpool technology and cleaning, including the Hygenie™ automatic ball washing systems.

We are the largest supplier of ballpool balls and ball washing machines in North America. 21st Century Products, Inc is the only producer of ballpool balls featuring antimicrobial protection. 21st Century Products, Inc ships blow-molded products and ball cleaning equipment all over the world from its facility located in Greensboro, North Carolina. With its commitment to quality, safety, service and value, 21st Century Products, Inc ensures that the products it produces are dependable and well made.


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