Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are GERMBLOCK made with a hole in them, which would allow water and other liquids to accumulate inside?

A.  No, although hollow plastic products usually have a hole through which air is injected to form the product, GERMBLOCK’ unique blow molding process does not require a hole to create positive internal pressure.

Q.  Can GERMBLOCK harm children?

A.  We know of no way GERMBLOCK represent a hazard to children.  They are molded of nontoxic materials and come flash free with smooth parting lines and no sharp edges to scratch or cut tender skin.  The plastic is polyethylene – the same plastic that most milk bottles are made of.  COLOR PIGMENTS are LEAD FREE and most are FDA approved. Independent laboratory tests certify GERMBLOCK far exceed the requirements of CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ACT of 2008, and ASTM F963-7 regarding hazardous metals.

Q.  Do GERMBLOCK fade if left in the sun?

A.  Generally no, but after years of exposure minor fading may be observed.  GERMBLOCK are made with UV and antioxidant additives to protect against fading and cracking.  Thus, they are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Q.  How quickly will I receive my order for GERMBLOCK?

A.  Normally, we ship within 72 hours after receipt of order.  If we are temporarily out of a particular color or if you have ordered a custom color, it will take a few days longer.

Q.  How often should I clean my GERMBLOCK?

A.  Whenever they become soiled.  Some play facilities clean on a weekly or monthly basis, others who really care about the health and safety of children clean daily.  This is easy and hassle free with a quality ball washing machine, such as the HyGenie, manufactured by 21st Century Products, Inc.. 

Q.  How many balls do I need to fill my ball pit?

A.  Each case of 500 balls is 7 cubic feet.  So first determine how many cubic feet you want to fill with balls by measuring the inside length and width of your ballpool to determine the square feet then multiply by depth to determine cubic feet. 

The formula is:  Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D) = Cubic volume, then divide by 7 to determine the number of 500 ball cases you need.

Example:  8’ (L) x 8’ (W) x 2’ (D) = 128 cubic feet of volume then divide by 7(cu. ft. of balls in a case of 500) the answer is 18.29.  Thus, you will need 18 or 19 cases to fill your ballpool 2 feet deep with balls. Contact us if you need assistance.

Q.  Do you ship GERMBLOCK overseas?

A.  Yes, GERMBLOCK compete on quality in the overseas market.  This is especially true for large quantities or when combined with other merchandise in a container.


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